Photo by Elena Tarchi

April 23, 2010

DOM, Golden Girls @ Great Scott

DOM @ Great Scott, April 18th 2010
'Burn Bridges' - DOM

Golden Girls @ Great Scott, April 18th 2010
'Newports' - Golden Girls

photos by Lindsay Necarsulmer


The aways rad Jheri from Get Off The Coast put together this awesome mix featuring some seriously fresh tracks from a bunch of our favorite new artists including DOM, Weed Diamond, GOBBLE GOBBLE, Banjo or Freakout - and many more. Roll yourself a fat spliff and head over to GOTC and download the 13-track mix for free, and you might as well order a cd-r with a custom collaged sleeve while your at it.

April 15, 2010

Altered States

Springtime is upon us! And if for some reason your plans for the season don't include dropping acid in sun-soaked pastures, then the music of West Palm Beach's experimental trio Hear Hums may be the closest you'll get to full-fledged mind expansion (at least until summer).

The group sent over a track from their upcoming release, Psyche Cycles, which is due in the Fall; "Change" is five and a half minutes of tripped-out visual bliss layered carefully atop a frantic drum pulse, creating an ambient anthem that sounds simultaneously synthetic and natural.

Ingest the mp3 below and expect side effects for 6-14 hours. We're also including a live video of the band backed by some aesthetically pleasing projections of their own creation - here's to hoping they make it to the Northeast real soon.

March 24, 2010

Make a Memory

One of our favorite songs as of late, just peeped the video over at GvsB and had to share. We'll be back with some more spring worthy jams for your daytime drinks ASAP.

'Go Outside' - Cults

March 9, 2010

Filled Lungs

Looks like Spring has sprung a little early this year and we're soaking up all of the ultraviolet rays we can get.  We've handpicked Jamaica Plain's own Eric J. Farber aka EASYBOY and his brand of waterlogged bedroom-pop to soundtrack this unnaturally sunny week in the Northeast.

"Chest Swimmers" is a doozy of a track - one that exemplifies Farber's acid-washed lo-fi through jangly guitar work and sing-song vocals.  Lyrical nostalgia i.e. "my empty ribcage echoes a beat of a heart that washed up on some faraway beach" paints a perfect image of the late-winter despondency that we've been fighting off with Vitamin D for months now.  The jam appears on EASYBOY 's  amazing debut cassette, Friends, which is available over at The Spooky Town